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Welcome to Fostering  Kids for Life!

We're so glad you stopped by! We are a recent addition to the many non profit resources found in the Inland Empire. We are here to come to the collaborative aid of At Risk and Foster youth In the Inland Empire and surrounding areas.  Fostering Kids for Life plans with you to provide Traditional and Non Traditional Interactive, Educational, and basic needs resources to disadvantaged and underprivileged foster and at-risk youth in the Inland Empire.
We believe that there is no such thing as a "bad kid" -  Our beliefs are  based on data and research from our at risk youth populations, government agencies and direct outreach. We believe that mentorship and positive push connections are necessary for all youth to thrive. We see that when youth have a chance to interact with hands on experiences and CONNECT - THEY THRIVE! 

Foster and at-risk youth deserve a chance to see, hear and touch the world around them and to learn to trust their decisions - now - and in the future. Our programs focus on activities, and resources that encourage stabilization for a solid out come for our vulnerable youth to Thrive. 

We strongly encourage and engage in reunification perspectives and practices in combination with the desires of our Foster and At-Risk Youth. The exposure and information they garner via our services is designed to improve their outcome for a stable and productive future in changing lifetime circumstances. Contact us today to find out more!


Our mission is to come to the collaborative aid of Foster and At Risk Youth. We do so in the form of Community Engagement, Civic Education, Leadership opportunities and Social Events that aim to fulfill the multifaceted needs our youth have for a well rounded satisfying productive life. 

We seek to teach and demonstrate healthy options and thoughtful choices to our Foster and At risk youth.

Our main goal is to help our kids reach adulthood with all the neccessary skills in place to negotiate adult life choices successfully. We strive to see our kids reach their goals and enjoy their lives to the fullest!

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Guidestar is a reputable resource for checking the transparency of non profits across the nation. 
To check our Guidestar Transparency status - simply click on the image to the left of the Gold Transparency Seal!
The link will take you to our Guidestar Profile!
Donations keep us going for the kids!
We seek to continue to provide enrichment resource bags to our disadvantaged and underserved youth population throughout the inland empire. We are currently striving to create and provide the infrastructure for non profit workshops for disadvantaged youth! 
Everything we can do for our needy kids depends on YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS.
Please contact us directly or utilize the donation link above to make a TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation and make an impact a child's life TODAY - Thank You!
Fostering Kids For Life
San Bernardino CA
(909) 562-8638

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Our Outreach:
We offer various volunteer opportunities for our youth to acquire diverse community participation and social & educational skills. 
*In addition, CSU - Community Service units are available for the youth to meet state graduation high school CSU requirements.
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